We carryout numerous activities to conserve the Environment. We mobilize, organize and train communities for collective actions towards SDG goals 6,9,13,14 and 15 of 2030

Cleanup Campaigns

Organize cleanup campaigns in different communities in strategic and fun filled manner (ploggs, competitions etc.)

Waste Management

We work with municipal authorities on methods of effective waste treatment and evacuation.


We innovate and carry out the transformation of waste into useful day to day products for community use to support sustainable living. We also advocate for the use of renewable energy in local communities through the implementation of small scale projects.

Ecological Restoration

We contribute to the recovery of ecosystems through the planting of trees in order to improve biological diversity on deviated landscapes, increase the population and distribution of rare and threatened species and contribute to the improvement of human wellbeing.

Trainings & Sensitization

We train masses on the different methods and importance of waste management and sustainable living. To raise awareness on environmental pollution, environmental degradation and its effects on human health, social setting etc.

Marine Conservation

We advocate for the conservation of marine life through beach cleanups and sensitization of fishermen on sustainable fishing methods.



With our growing community of engineers of all works of life, we intend to build a professional milieu with duty to respond directly to environmental problems through innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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